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Generosity of Spirit

When our thinking is wrapped up in healing our emotions, it can lead to complete absorption. It is a gift when we are working toward becoming better people, first for ourselves to feel content with who we are as a person. It also becomes a gift for our relationships. Sharing one’s self in a positive way is showing generosity of spirit.

Even when our minds have already been made up that not all people work to support our

happiness. The effects of this dilemma can cause havoc in our minds daily and question our

world, our happiness, and our decisions. When one operates with a clear mind and clear heart, we can navigate to a higher vibration – it is there when we start to consider other. The people that surround our lives are our most treasured gifts. Even when our judgement of a relationship waxes and wanes, these relationships can whether the storm with a generous spirit.

Communication. Putting past feelings, resentment, shame, and guilt aside and saying what is true is the path that speaks volumes about our integrity. Even admitting to yourself and to others you can be wrong, allows a sigh of relief we do not have to hold on to pain and wounds that no longer serve us. It can be a small feat – admitting you dropped the ball, or you left the windows down on the car in the rain – communication sets you free of holding onto needless low vibes.

Inquiry. Sometimes it is not about accepting fault or repairing a fence, it can be just the ease of being generous with yourself. Reaching out to inquire how someone is doing is all it takes to brighten someone’s moment. It is a gift. Your timing may just be that one call that shifted

someone’s day.

Listen. The best relationships anyone can develop are the ones that offer listening with

intension. Ask questions about their world, their passions – genuinely listening and having

curiosity about someone’s life literally opens their heart. Someone else cares about them!

Today we spend far too much time needing validation. Breaking the pattern and validating

another person’s life turns the “ME” to a “WE” in short order. True listening involves an authentic act of seeking to understand another person and how they feel. Staying focused on their subject without moving the conversation back to yourself is the true art of listening.

Becoming a generous spirit is addictive. It is sharing your inner love and kindness and

spreading out into the world. This phenomenon is so powerful, it can act to support and help others heal subtly – with well proven results. Often, we focus our entire efforts on trying to change the behavior of people around us who lack high vibrations or who have stumbled along the wrong path. Keeping your heart open and being in your truth of who you are - without resistance is powerful energy. Lead by example. It is when others who are not vibrating with inner light can affect and drain our strong vibration that we have potential to decline. It becomes a chain reaction and we feed into the low vibe, and soon the generous spirit dissipates once again. Stay on your true path, it can be a challenge, but soon your generous spirit will ignite and you will have touched and changed many lives in a positive way – an inspiration for others to follow.

Image by @IanSchneider


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