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The Bag

You may try and hide it from view, but it is there. It sits right next to you each day. In the bag is an array of life’s experiences – but they are not yours. The bag has been handed to you by

others. It is their dashed dreams, their hurt feeling from their past, their pain, and their

suffering. It is passed down to them from people in their past – and they in turn bring it to

others. It is handed to you when others operate inappropriately without any consideration of

how it effects their loved ones.

When the bag is given to you it feels truly unpleasant. It is full of pouting, blame, guilt, looking for enemies, anger, love desperation and even the aftermath of self-medicating habits.

The weight of the bag is what was impacted on us through others negative energy. They may have inherited the bag from their relationships that had negative energy, and they did not have the tools to develop a new model of behavior. The phrase “negative energy” is a kind instance. It boils down to people who not only play roles of victims but who continue to blame others for their imperfect world. They can be enemy-centered people who look at everything and everyone as a problem. They inherited their own bag and want to give it to you. 

It is in that moment, when you are standing in line and you immediately dislike someone in

within your view. You judge their clothing and determine you would never be friends because of their shoes. To keep this negative energy alive, you can also tell a friend that you feel this way. Not only will it support your enemy-centered emotions, you now connect with another person - not with kind threads but with hate or dislike threads. You feel a rush as you both now agree to dislike the other. Would sharing kind words about others feel just as good? It is a good question.

Letting go of the bag. It is true that as I sit here, I know deep in my heart, I still sit with a bag. However, I am not wired to it. It is in those moments I am not expecting, when life twists and I am faced with a situation to test how I react and how I feel. I admit I feel a twitch of discontent, a twitch to pout, a twitch to quicken with anger. It is okay. Because I know who I am, and I know I can navigate through it. It has a much less effect on my emotions, if any. I focus on who I have become, my accomplishments, how I choose to love people in my life and what joy I have created because of letting go of the bag. I am inspired by vision. I am inspired by people who have vision, and who are kind-hearted. I in turn are inspiring them, and I am making a difference in my world – if I give someone a bag, it is full of good things, and I feel like Santa Claus each and every day! I just don’t wear a red suit.

Image by @Jasonblackeye

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