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Inner Light Groups

Our groups focus on supporting with connecting with others on your journey of healing & happiness. 

Groups  support with areas such as self-compassion, growth, & self-esteem.


We provide a safe space for you to connect, grow, share, and learn with others on similar paths. 

Our groups are focused on supporting a community setting for your self discovery and wellness.  

  • A Support Group for Women focused on body image & self-compassion Six ...
    35 US dollars
  • Join us for a 6 Week Support group for Women focused on mindfulness
    35 US dollars
  • A support group for women focused on self-compassion & motherhood
    35 US dollars
  • Mindful Art Experience for Women (Six Week Session $40 per week- supp...
    40 US dollars
  • A guided spiritual self exploration group for Women
    28 US dollars
  • Walk and talk group sessions in Nature for Women (Six Week Session - $...
    30 US dollars
  • Join us for a women’s Empowerment Circle - Six Week Session ($45 per w...
    35 US dollars

Additional Groups Coming Soon!


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