Welcome to the New Year's Manifesting Workshop...

I am so glad you are here! Get ready to learn some life changing practices rooted in the Law of Attraction principles. This workshop will support you with clearing up your mindset around creating a life you are in love with...

I cannot wait for you to step into your power this year and start creating a life that you are in love with... Cheers to 2022! 

-Love & Light, 

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This Workshop Includes..

Workshop also includes a workbook with journal prompts, daily affirmations, daily intention sheets 
A private Facebook group to share your progress and get support from other women working on their own mindset and happiness!

The price for the Manifesting Workshop is $111

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The Workshop will open on 1/1/22 and remain accessible for you to go back to going forward... 

You will receive a link to the course on 1/1/22 to your email with the workshop content link and resources. 

Payments will be accepted securely via Paypal

All payments are due at the time of purchase and no refunds will be allowed. 

Please note this course is a Mindset Coaching Service and is not a Clinical Service- this service does not diagnose, treat, or assess any mental health concerns or diagnoses. Results of this course are not guaranteed and may vary depending on individual work and goals.

Enrollment is open until 1/31/2022

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