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Inner Light now offers various Yoga classes and memberships to support wellness, mindfulness, and self-compassion.


Experienced Yoga Instructors will support you with finding peace, harmony, and balance through movement. Our classes will be open to all different experience levels and ages.

-Individual yoga sessions; Where you will work with our yoga instructor one on one in a private session focusing on inner peace, balance, mindfulness, & wellness. 

-Group Yoga Series;  We currently offer an outdoor yoga series at various local parks where you will incorporate mindfulness with being in nature. Our series run for 6 week sessions ; contact us for availability and pricing! - Pre-registration is required.

-Meditation experience; Our yoga instructor works with a individuals and small groups on mindful breathing and meditation skills to support with inner peace and living a calmer more grounded life. 

-Mindul eating & Balancing Charkas through food; Our yoga instructor will meet individually and small groups to practice mindfulness with eating and aligning your chakra's through healing foods. (Please note this is not a nutrition service). 

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