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About Inner Light

At Inner Light, we are dedicated to supporting women on their journey of healing, wellness, & happiness. Our mission is supporting our clients to live authentically and showing up as their best self. We believe that healing & wellness is a holistic journey. Our community is a safe and welcoming environment to promote self discovery, growth, and to help find the light that shines within. Our space is safe and comforting, welcoming you to work on living your best life and learning to practice self-compassion. 


Our goal is to support you on your journey of finding your inner light and living a life of happiness and wellness.


We work through a holistic and self-compassion based approach where we support you with growth nurturing your inner self. We work with a positive mindset and teach skills to promote mindfulness and self-compassion. Working through an empathetic approach, we focus on whole body healing. We provide services including holistic healing and therapy in Rhode Island. Mindset Coaching is also available to support with living a life you are in love with and creating your own reality—teachings rooted in the Law of Attraction.


At Inner light we support you to live as your true self.... living a life that you are in love with. 

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"Finding Inner Light and working with Christa has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my entire life! I have been coming to therapy for almost a year now and I can honestly say I feel like a completely different person. I was at a really low point last year and Christa has helped me so much. I’ve learned to put myself first and set boundaries  that I never knew I was able to do"