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While each day we face a multitude of experiences from the mundane to the unexpected, we learn to draw on a variety of coping skills to keep our lives steady. Yet, emotional upheaval can be just a moment away. It often sits just at the edge of what we believe is our controlled existence, until that trigger is created, and emotions are thrown into upheaval. We are left facing an uprising of anxiety, which often spills into other life experiences. It is here that we are faced with our amplified mind, signaling every move in our day as a potential target, when the culprit from our anxiety was caused by something else entirely. It is a domino effect –leaving even small issues too enormous to face with a degree of calm. Navigating relationships can be a challenge as well, and those closest to us take the brunt of our anxiety. The first question becomes what came first a physiological uprising or an actual life situation on the outside challenging our coping skills and calm. 

If it is a mood to set off our amplified mind, usually over a few days, those concerns seem to

become less intense. If it is a particular experience that set off our emotions down the wrong

path, it can be adjusted by acknowledgement. While we become aware which experience set us off in the first place, we can then begin to either embrace the reality of the situation or release ourselves from the emotional attachment. Each of us have a tolerance level. Some people have strong coping skills and can navigate through life’s experience with little emotional upheavals. Their emotions are not necessarily buried, they just hold experiences more loosely and try to resolve issues more readily to maintain a rational state.

Amplified mind feeds on fear. When we speak of staying in control it does not imply a hard line or structure but the opposite. It is holding life’s challenging moments loosely while giving yourself a clear path to resolve. Amplified mind digs in. It will grind on information not to resolve but to replay in our heads that causes grief, fear, anxiety and stress until either time passes and it has no attachment left or we see a clear path ahead that gives relief.


Practices in breathing, meditation and getting into nature can shift amplified minds. Seeking

guidance and just expressing feelings can relieve anxiety and help navigate to a healthy path.However, confiding in others who spin your web more is not the answer. Some people who seek validation of their feeling can confide in negative thinkers who amplify the ideas even more. 

Find your center. Know your inner strength. When undesirable uprisings occur, sit and open your hand. Look at your palm and image holding a bird gently so not to frighten it. This is similar to how we can show kindness and be gentle to ourselves and keep our inner light shining. Live in the light!

Image by @freestocks


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