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Rules of Engagement

Navigating through life can either be an easy process without much emotional upheaval or it can manifest with tension, stress and an array of feelings that leave us exhausted and confused. We all have challenges to face throughout this life, yet each one of us copes differently when faced with life’s twists and turns. Much of the way we navigate is learned over years, however, when it is unhealthy for us, we ultimately seek change to live comfortably with ourselves and with others.

The first step in moving smoothly – is to identify which habits have been formed that work

against us. This requires a true understanding of self. Looking in the mirror and really taking

responsibility for our actions is a huge feat. We are capable.

Once we make an agreement with ourselves to face who we are, try not to end the blame on others. Yes, many people have been delt a raw hand in life, but at some point, we need to sit down and know, WE are ultimately responsible on what we do with our lives from this point forward. We can break patterns each day for a healthier lifestyle.

Keep the agreement close to your heart, and then get out of your head. We grind over issues –daily. We review, distort, and create havoc in our thinking when we are faced with a twist in life’s path. Stay the course, and navigate to your center – with strength, love, and compassion,revisiting where emotional upheaval lives is necessary to navigate. But do not get stuck in neutral and become a walking victim.

Move – literally. Keep your body moving at the forefront of your existence. Walk, run, play

hopscotch, do jumping jacks – moving is a powerful healing vehicle. When your mind races with unsettled emotions the best remedy is to move your body and slow down your thinking. If only your body could move as fast as your thoughts.

Create – this is a big area. While most of our day is spent spinning in our heads and grinding over life’s imperfections, all that energy can be used in a creative endeavor. There is so much untapped creative energy just waiting to blossom. Find inspiration, it exists all around you.

Keep your good friends and family close. This is how we survive. People and love are the ultimate gifts in the universe. Keeping solid relationships close and shedding those who bring toxic behavior to the table need to stay in the background or be left behind.

If you can’t leave one relationship behind, then create a veil that protects you from their behavior. This means you look at them differently and realize their vulnerability and lack of ability to grow. A sad state - show compassion. This is a hard road to navigate, but you can develop ways to be less stressed by their words or actions. It takes practice.

You have an inner light that is strong and full of love for yourself and others– you will touch many lives with it.

Image by @errickoboccia


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