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Often in our blog we reference those who have high levels of coping skills. Either it has been

developed over time or they have inept aptitude to evaluate stressful situations, and deal with the experience with high levels of focus and centeredness.

In the Marines, when faced with chaos or combat, obstacles or conflict – they are trained to use an improvise, adapt and overcome strategy. This mindset allows them to deal with physical,mental and spiritual hardship.

Most of us do not have a military background. We bump up against an array of challenges in

life, and these family, financial, work related obstacles are felt in full force. What is most

interesting is it is our sensitive loving side that is feeling pain vibrations. When someone hurls an arrow over the bow, and we feel hurt, it is our loving side that is at work.

Certainly we do not want to overwork this sensitive muscle. We live in an opinionated world like never before. These opinions can be hurtful when directed toward us in a negative way. Then we, “we” meaning the voice inside our heads, will find places to agree with what was sent our way. We convince ourselves on some level, that person was right in their judgement.

We are all seeking a more harmonious frequency. Similar to the Marines, we need to navigate to overcome the low vibrations of people who judge and live negative thinking lives.

Listen to your heart. Your inner voice can be a bright light, if you give it love and believe in who you are – not what others think.

Believe in possibilities. That is what makes you sing in the morning. Find that energy in yourself and embrace it.

In ever story, in every life, there is conflict and resolution. Dorothy made it home. ET made it

home. Cinderella had her day as queen in the castle. Write your own story – one day at a time, with love and understanding. Your home is where inner peace exists.

Image by @AlesMaze

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