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The Next Move

There is not a day that goes by that we are not faced with choices while navigating a world-

wide pandemic. Our lives have been shifted to a new normal that affects the most basic day-to-day moves – at our job, with our interactions with family, in our interaction with community and even how we shop - from socks to groceries. Wrapped up in our more isolated existence,the news of increased cases continues to heighten our radar – leaving us with fear, anxiety and even depression. With the winter season and holidays on the heels of the Covid cases spiking,our fear-based thoughts amplify and multiple.

At the onset of the virus, I was most diligent and focused. Wearing a mask, spraying my mail,

wiping off doorknobs, the steering wheel of my car and washing all my groceries – which

became almost normal. My hand washing practice is now embedded in my daily existence each time I go near a public location. I found I was spending more time in combat of an invisible substance than I was living my life. Staying home more was not as challenging, so I hunkered down and found more creative experiences within my own walls. As a result of these trials – I feel some good practices have been developed and I am more aware of how we spread common colds and the flu. So, I am feeling good that I have more awareness having exercised this process.

I also spend just a little more time reading and watching some of my favorite shows and new

releases. Netflix’s recent Queens Gambit set in the late 50s was a refreshing series depicting an unstoppable young chess player. As I watched this young prodigy burn through win after win on the board, the challenge of a massive pandemic swirled in my mind.

Such as the likes of a young Bobby Fischer, this tale unfolds capturing the mind of a girl while she calculates her every move against each opponent. Although her confidence can wax and wane, for the most part, she is convinced she can out play anyone - even some simultaneously. What was most revealing to me was no matter how her opponent played the game, no matter what move was presented - she could still find a way to maneuver her pieces on the board and win.

Once we know the circumstances of any life experience no matter how challenging, once we

know our options, life is all about adapting to new measures and choosing the correct path to navigate the win. Although we are not in a tournament set to win a championship, our lives need to be held in similar high regard. Find the path that works to keep safe with a virus at our heels. Do not let it win, even if your strategy involves it consuming some of your day to keep this opponent at bay, keep yourself in play in a healthy way. Keep family and friends safe, stay the course – make healthy choices. Life is all about adapting to change, meet the challenge in a healthy way.

Image by @minhpham

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