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The River

One of the most fascinating aspects of water is that it cuts through rock over time – this is how canyons and gorges form. A strong current of a river is one of the most superior elements of nature. It not only erodes rock over time – it is a powerful force that can challenge anything in its’ path. Although it is one of the most commanding elements in nature, its resilience lies in how it approaches unmovable obstacles – like boulders in its path, it just flows around the object with ease.

As we are continually trying to control the outcome of our daily lives, obstacles can be thrown in the mix, like boulders in a riverbed. As we apply numerous attempts to keep our lives in balance and in control, life’s unpredictable path can lead us to new directions we did not plan on. This juncture in life causes us upheaval and our emotions spill out as we desperately attempt to get back on track.To let go of control when our path gets rerouted, is not a matter of giving up.

When our life shifts due to circumstances we did not plan, there is a new path we are given. We can not always predict the outcome of the new direction, however tapping into our inner strength to flow around unforeseen obstacles with ease empowers us. As strong as the current that flows in a river – that can cut through rock, we possess the same inner strength that can navigate with a high level of positive emotion guiding us to our new journey.

(Image by @ryanmoreno)

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