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This Song In My Head...

Often without even realizing it, one picks up a tune, not necessary a favorite tune- and it can

exist in our heads for a good amount of time. It can be a song playing in the background at

the grocery store - maybe an old but not forgotten “Go Your Own Way” or that catchy Taylor Swift song that you cannot get out of your head.

What is apparent, our minds can pick up a rhythm and we have no control on how long it will

dance in our minds – days or even weeks a song can live inside our heads, even if we are not enchanted by the melody.

It is harmless data. But what if the rhythm the mind holds onto is an emotional narrative? It

can be sparked by a statement a person directed our way? Or a statement written on social

media, not necessarily directed towards the reader, however the reader attaches to the

opinion and it causes an impact to them personally. Depending upon how we navigate our

emotions, being emotionally affected by information can run a vast spectrum from a

momentary consideration to a long-term effect on ones self worth.

When we are asked to dance to a tune we were not expecting - becoming aware of its’ impact is the first step to breaking the rhythm. While looking at it from a distance, we can bring acceptance into the mix when emotions are impacted adversely. Acceptance is not necessarily to imply you are willing to be distraught by the impact on your emotions. You simple are accepting ownership that your emotions are impacted. While we are continually being blindsided by the thinking of others and we feel the words stir our emotions, we learn over time to minimize the power we give the words. It is a lifelong process to navigate- first and far most know your inner self. Know the powerful impact words of others have on all our lives and know no matter who is saying what, you ultimately chose to give their words power.

Dance with the words that you enjoy, the words that provoke good mind and good health-like the song spinning around in your head, be sure it is a song that makes you want to sing.

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