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Exploring Mindfulness

From the second my eyes open to the moment I can detach from the final thought at night, my mind seeks. Without most of the thoughts running through my mind having a deliberate concise direction, thousands of thoughts enter my mind – uninvited.

Usually, it is provoked by something in my view – and I think, “Right, I need to fix that lamp.” Other thoughts just appear connected to past experiences, and also can set emotions ablaze in a direction without notice. No matter how thoughts are formulated – thoughts are all a manifestation of the mind.

Just try and sit and stop thinking – it is beyond challenging, which is a convincing argument you are not in control of the thought process. Anxiety lives here. It plays here. It works its way in any place to cause suffering to human existence. It loves problem solving, and if it does not have one to solve, the mind will create an object to take hold of and often times obsess over.

Meditation is an art, but before embarking on achieving this there are a few ways to bring oneself into mindfulness each day. First, watch your thinking. If you can watch your thought process, you are detaching from it subtly. When you are creating a small gap, and being aware, you can then watch how it is attaching to emotions. Consider how your thoughts are manifesting each day. Take any moment and just review how your mind is gaining speed in a situation and causing suffering.

Slow down distractions, if the thought is random, oh how so many are just that in every moment, again refocus your full attention to where you are and what you are doing. If you are driving, drive. If you are playing the piano, play the piano.

Allowing other thoughts in - good or bad are just thoughts. If one just identifies them and is aware it is one thing – but if one judges for having the thoughts, then it has come in the back door and taking hold of your emotions once again. Being mindful is not sitting and thinking of nothing it is being aware thoughts never end and appear out of patterns we created of years and years.

Knowing your true self gives you the ability to witness the manifestation of the mind and how it seeks constantly in an unsatisfied state. It never stops seeking – however you can calm your mind through focus, and by accepting you are not controlling the randomness of thoughts. One of the most effective methods of meditation has been to focus on ones breathing. It is effective as you bring your attention to the Now – which is not a past nor a future objectivity of the mind.

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