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The Sunrise

Each day of our lives we experience a morning ritual – a moment that goes unnoticed, can be obscured by clouds or just be taken for granted. It appears each morning welcoming the new day. It is constant. It is trackable. It is the sunrise.

What is most interesting about the sunrise is that it does not technically rise at all. However, it is an illusion that it rises each day. We, earth, the blue dot is rotating and turns towards the east and towards the light of the sun. It just does not sound very poetic to say what is being experienced - “Oh, what a beautiful earth rotating toward the east.” It seems too scientific a phrase. What is so profound in this phenomenon is that we, meaning all of us embrace this moment and craft the poetic phrase, “look at the beautiful sunrise.” Maybe it is our psyche continuing to deliver a hopeful, inspiring message?

What else does this message share to the world? It tells us that we are guided by a point of view, how things appear to us personally. Even if one hundred people stood in a line as the sun was rising, each person would agree – “that is a sunrise.” What is beneath the phrase is a knowing that we are rotating toward the sun and it appears to rise. It is an illusion of rising that we adopt.

Look at the messages we embrace each day. We are fed messages and we look at these creations of the mind and form a belief system about what is. Are your messages and judgements as poetic as a morning sunrise?

When they are not positive thoughts - It is difficult to shift one’s own point of view. To seek to

understand the point of view of another person is the most challenging of the human condition. Often our judgements are quick. We adopted many beliefs along the way, and they form our opinions. It is when we look through the negative lens, or the lens of our personal trauma that we find ourselves in trouble. We cling to ideas and tightly hold them like a fist, telling the world who we are and what we think. If our emotions are angered, our voice becomes loud and it is often in a dashed fury. Before we embark on a crusade to burn down the thoughts of others – take a breath. Open your fist - let your

thoughts be free – free to explore the endless possibilities of what is. Hold ideas loosely like a small bird in your hand.

Image by @AnatolLem

Turn towards the place that offers an opportunity to understand more about what is – which includes how others feel. Shifting your perspective can help relationships and ease your own self of emotional upheaval. If we can grasp the sunrise as a poetic moment in our world, shine that light on yourself and others in your life.


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