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Mindset Coaching 

Image by Arnel Hasanovic

-Are you feeling stuck in a negative mindset... as if you cannot get out of your own way?

-Are you feeling you desire more happiness out of your life but don't know where to even begin?

-Are things feeling like you DESERVE better?

-Feel like you are repeating old patterns and having a hard time shifting your perspective on things?

-Do you feel like you have lost yourself ... your purpose.. and your JOY?

-Is it hard to believe you are worthy of more?

Sometimes we become stuck in a way of thinking and perceiving things that no longer serves us and who we truly are.



Coaching is focused on:​

supporting you with promoting a positive mindset to show up in your life as your best self.

-Sessions are individualized and focus on 


  • increasing positive mindset

  • connecting with your true self

  • conquering limiting beliefs

  • living life as the person you want to be 

  • creating a life of your greatest desires

  • building self-confidence & compassion 

  • getting clear on your desires and happiness

​​​Much of our focus during coaching sessions is based on Law of Attraction Principles, self-compassion, and spiritual connection. ​

  • All coaching sessions are specific to your personal goals for growth and happiness

  • Sessions available by phone, video sessions, and in person.

  • All  Life Coaching services include bonus tools to support you on your journey. 

  • Coaching packages include 1-2 sessions per week including weekly access to your coach via text messaging and emails for additional support. 

Difference Between Coaching & Counseling...

  • Life Coaching is entirely separate from counseling services. 

  • Coaching services focus on working with you to create and achieve goals for yourself whether it be in your mindset, career, relationship, self-worth or other areas of your life you wish to work on. 

  • During Coaching sessions we dive deep into areas of your life you wish to improve or change and your mindset behind all of that. 

  • Coaching emphasizes more creation of what you want in your life and showing up as ho you desire to be! 

  • Coaching supports you with navigating limiting beliefs and the desires you have for your life. 

  • Coaching does NOT treat or diagnose mental health issues that you may be struggling with.

  • During our initial consultation we can discuss options that may be right for you including various services including counseling & coaching.

  • Coaching services are private pay only and are not covered by insurance. 

Coaching sessions are offered in packages that can be purchased through a payment plan if preferred.  

What to Expect...

  • Once you let us know you want to take the next steps we will set up an initial consultation call to discuss what you are looking for and further detail what we may identify to work on. We will discuss a schedule and time for your initial session!

  • Coaching is NOT Counseling and does not address any mental health concerns- both services cannot be booked simultaneously. 

  • Coaching sessions are private pay only- no insurance is accepted for this service as it is not  a mental health service. 

  • Coaching sessions are $225 per session and can be booked with a monthly package for a discounted rate.  

  • Coaching sessions are included in monthly packages, which can be paid up front with a 10% discounted rate- Or payment plans are also available to support what works best for you. 

  • Progress in coaching sessions depends how much you show up for yourself and do the work! I am here to support you along the way..but ultimately you are in charge of your happiness and your progress.. I will continue to track your progress along the way. 

  • If you are feeling like you are ready, submit the form below to schedule your initial consultation.

  • For further questions & coaching application please email

It's time to claim your worthiness 
and live a life you are in love with...

I Get it. I've been there... Many years ago I was in a similar place...I felt small... like I was stuck in my own negative thoughts and experience. Like I had lost my self. I've been there and I know there is a path that is much brighter. It is my passion to help women connect with their true self and overcome those limiting beliefs we pick up along the way. I have learned that a shift in mindset can change your life.. and sharing this with other women is so important to me. 

I am here to help you find that path of light and find your way to it. 



You are worthy it is time to start beleiving it.
Love & Light


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