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Reiki Healing

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Energy Healing

We offer Reiki Healing- Reiki is a holistic form of hands on energy healing.

At times we tend to focus only on our body or mind when in reality we need to focus on our whole being to heal, grow, and shine.

Reiki brings energetic healing and work to remove blocks throughout the energetic field of the body and spirt. Reiki promotes healing, relaxation, grounding, and wellness.

"Rei" meaning Universal and "Ki" meaning Life force energy.

Reiki supports our refocusing and connection with source energy. 

Benefits of reiki include stress reduction, healing, relaxation and overall well-being. 

Reiki is rooted in  Japanese tradition focusing on energy healing with benefits of stress reduction, healing, and relaxation that focuses on a concept called “Life force energy”

(The International Center for Reiki Training, 2020)

*** Please note: Reiki healing sessions are separate from counseling, coaching, and any other service. If you are interested in a Reiki healing session this can be scheduled at a separate appointment. 

Reiki Healing Sessions: 

$111 for a 60 minute session 

Reiki Healing Sessions: 

$111 for 60 minute session

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