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Winter Light

As we approach winter in New England, practicing social distancing can add one more layer of feeling isolated during the frosty season. Connecting with others and focus on ourselves in a healthy way will be a challenge over the next several months. While we navigate through hunkering down, a healthy view of our lives and the world around us is key to keep us in balance. Often times, isolation can be unfriendly as it can cast doubt in our thinking and make us self-absorbed. Rather than churning up negative energy look at this retreat as a celebration. It is a time to heal and reflect with gratitude. That storybook vision of a wholesome cup of tea, a good book, a warm pair of slippers and comfortable sweats while sitting comfortably next to the fireplace – resonates exhale.The Danish are obsessed with hunkering down in winter months. In this culture, winter is a celebration and referred to as hygge. It is considered “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that

engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” It is time to be warmed by a cozy blanket, to fill a room with beautiful music and a glowing fire – all accompanied by the perfect latte and a pastry.

It is time to experiment in the kitchen and embrace slow cooking after a brisk walk outdoors. Tap into creative energy – seek to write, to draw, to learn, to build. These are life’s simple pleasures. It is a special time to welcome them with joy and happiness.

Take time to connect to the winter season and embrace the warmth of your inner light.

(Image by @benwhite)


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